Monday, March 12, 2012

Silent Running, Blue and Grey

Funnily enough, Friday's choices looked better to the camera than they did in the mirror. This is my blue cotton moto jacket from J. Jill, which is terribly boxy, but I wear it anyway because I love the lightweight fabric and the color. The grey paisley skirt is from Talbot's and is a wrap skirt. Every time I put it on I realize that the inner button is actually a safety pin, and think "Huh. I should fix that." And then hang it back up again. Underneath I have a Talbots tee with lovely ribbon embroidery, and below, the grey suede Talbots boots.

Gray? or Grey?

And here I am using Riley as a foot rest.

Here's the "embroidery" on the tee - so pretty! The ring and the watch are eBay purchases, and the grape earrings are from the Loft.

 Just for fun, here I am in my wolf mask in my old office.

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  1. Where did you get the fabulous mask? Staff craft project? I think all the staff should wear them.

    Grey. Which I just painted my office/guest room. Calming. Clean. Neutral. Although I know that's not the preferred spelling, that's always what I type first.