Friday, March 23, 2012

Yellow, Green, and More for the Goodwill Bag

Rummaging through the spring and summer closet again yielded this J. Jill skirt.
Hee hee. Can you see that tail poking out under my left arm? Riley is the reason I am always smiling in these pictures.

I love the print and colors and fit of this skirt, but it is a polyester "onion-skin" fabric that invariably sticks to my legs after sitting for a while on a warm day. Since the skirt is only suitable (note to self, write post on etymology of "suitable") for warm days, that makes it sticky every time I wear it.  When I came home I put it in the Goodwill bag. Weeding is fun!

The cardigan and tee are from Talbot's, and they weren't a particularly good combination with this full skirt anyway. Those flowy cardigans (and I have at least three) are better with fitted short skirts or pants. The shoes are comfy flatforms from White Mountain. They make me tall but don't bother my back at all - very squishy underfoot - plus they don't reveal my as yet unpolished toes.
I just had a new band put on my elderly Timex and I'm so happy with the olive green. I'll wear that all the time. The necklace was bought on eBay, and worked out pretty well for the ridiculously low price I paid. The stones feel pleasantly cool against my throat.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Riley! Nice tail.

    Did you notice the animal print flats on sale at Boden?

    I agree about the flowy cardigans. Love them with sleeveless dresses in the summer, too. As long as they aren't too long. But what isn't too long on me?

    Too bad about the skirt. It's cute. But yes, good to weed. Now that my office is spartan, and I weeded all the bookcases, my bedroom is up next. I fantasize about winning the lottery and not buying a new house, just extending the back of mine - big closet and bathroom for my bedroom and double or triple the size of the insane kitchen with no cabinets.