Thursday, March 22, 2012

Denim and Linen

The entire concept of wearing things I haven't worn this year has been rendered moot by the explosion of spring and temperatures in the high 70s. Baby, there's another entire closet to shop from now!
I treasure this skirt, even if it makes me look a trifle wide (at least in this picture), because it is a lovely heavy linen blend that never feels like crumpled paper. It's Michael Kors, one of the very few designer-ish items I own. The print is neutral and random enough to be timeless. I'm wearing a latte-colored silk top from Talbot's, a pale J. Jill denim jacket (via eBay) and seemingly indestructible leopard-print fabric shoes (Bouquet is the brand).

I also really like the accessories today:
The earrings are at least 25 years old, and are simple rectangles of teak set in sterling silver, bought at the MCA store when I worked there. The Lone Ranger pin and J. Jill watch have been around a long time too! The ring, however is brand new. It is spotted cone shell in a silver setting, from this eBay seller. I just hope, and I mean this sincerely, that I'm not supporting a vendor that is trashing the coral reef in the process of making cheap jewelry. Cause I love that ring. 

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