Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Orange and Brown

These are McDonald's colors, I know, and yet I love them. I love burnt orange in cool weather and canteloupe for balmy days. I have orange sweaters, tops, and jackets. Someday I would really like an orange skirt, maybe in corduroy. Or at least burnt orange tights.  Anyway, on Monday I saluted Ray Kroc. Here I am bundled up in my snuggly faux shearling.

And here I am in a Liz Claiborne chiffon blouse, via eBay, and drapey Talbot's flannel trousers. The blouse is just a bit snug in the bust, so it had been sitting in my closet for a while. It turned out to be very comfortable. It does gap a bit in front, but the ruffles completely hide that. At least as far as I know. The pants also came out of long invisibility too, as they were in the dry cleaning basket. I thought they were too big, but they were only a bit loose in the waist, and not unwearable. Yay!  New pants!

Check out how Riley is wrapping himself around me, though that is definitely not his best side. Below are my new Bussola brown ankle boots and my Lia Sophia necklace (eBay again). These boots are very comfortable, with a thick rubber sole and heel that greatly reduce the shock on my pitiful knees and heels.  I was very excited to get them for 65% off! There are only 3 pairs of Bussola boots on eBay. Gotta buy local, I guess.

Don't you think that is a very rude-looking butternut squash in the background?


  1. Hee hee. You look great. I love the ruffles. And the rude veg that you have *on display* instead of discreetly hidden. :)

    I think Riley looks like your bodyguard in the first pic.

  2. love those boots! and you hair looks fab in these pictures too.... where was I, I don't remember seeing this in person.....

  3. Love the boots . . . and Riley, "talk to the tail."