Saturday, March 10, 2012

Deadwood Style in Denim and Lace

This outfit was stolen from inspired by Heidi. Despite being four inches taller and significantly less fair, blue-eyed and blonde, we have a lot of clothing in common. When she sent me pictures of a long brown lace skirt, brown boots and a denim jacket, I had to copy it. 

I was delighted to find a dark brown lace skirt on eBay for under ten dollars! Wowzers. The J. Jill denim jacket hasn't been worn yet this year, and this was the perfect occasion. My boots aren't as cool as Heidi's, as they don't have straps and things, but they do lace up the back (which you can't see in this picture.

I KNOW. I was so comfy all day, even while feeling kind of tough and Wild West-y. If I had been filthier I could have been an extra on Deadwood. And maybe hung out with this guy.

Here's looking at YOU, Al. It was a bit warmer on Thursday, so I ditched the coat and wore my leopard ruana (Lord and Taylor, so worth it.)

The jacket has some interesting pleating on the front and the sleeves, which you can see in the closeup. The glass Evil Eye necklace came all the way from Greece via a friend, and the bracelet is Fossil, via eBay. The earrings are Kenneth Cole, I think, and of course I'm wearing my Rotary pin.
Most people don't understand my fascination with Ian McShane. It's the voice, of course, and those eyes, but it doesn't hurt that he used to look like this:

You're welcome.


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  1. Love the pic of you in your spotted ruana petting the wildcat! I have a cape/poncho thingy that's reversible: plain brown to leopard. It's like our wardrobes were separated at birth. And I love a boot that laces up, as well. As evidenced by the many pairs I've owned over the years.

    Hello, Ian. Rwwwrrr.