Sunday, March 18, 2012

PLA 2012 Wednesday March 14

The clothing-related bits first: I had a trying time, as usual, figuring out what to bring with me. Assuming the forecast was correct (and that is a leap of faith), it was going to be in the 70s. In Philadelphia. In March. I was only bringing a carry-on, so everything had to smush in a small space with the real baggage, fifty little bottles of product plus underwear, socks, tights, pjs, jewelry etc. It's not the clothes that take up room.

I picked out three stretchy dresses, a bright orange cardigan and one pair of black flat boots. These, with bare legs if warm, and leggings if cool, should be enough. I wore my dark denim jacket over all, with a dark pashmina in the outer pocket of my carry-on. And my Nook in my purse.

That turned out to be just perfect for the trip. I was comfortable enough to walk miles all over (and eat ice cream for lunch), but also look, well, at least cute. I have a few observations about the profession's style.
  • Librarians seem to be all hunched over. True, many of us were crouched over netbooks or smartphones, but even those who were eating lunch or chatting outside the sessions looked round-shouldered. I could hear my mother's voice in my head, "Don't slouch, my dear!" My mother apparently sounds a lot like Maggie Smith.
  • We all wear glasses, and 90% of them are damn cute. Well done, all, in the field of stylish eyewear.
  • We're pudgy. Sorry, gang, but we need to step away from the keyboard and play a little tennis (I include myself). This would also help with posture.
  • I wish we had a little more imagination with shoes. I get the whole comfort thing, I do, especially when you're walking on a thin layer of carpet over concrete all day, but there are so many stylish and comfortable flats and low heels out there. I refer you to Barking Dog for suggestions, even if they do seem to like Wolky (and that I DON'T get.)
Anyway. No sessions on Wednesday, so I left my luggage at our dreamy hotel (all hail Sofitel) and then walked around for a couple of hours until Karen arrived. There was the greatest shoe store, literally across the street, with the dismal name (ironic?) of Head Start Shoes. They had the most beautiful pair of taupe haircalf oxfords, perfect for that warm day. Only $175 on sale!