Friday, September 28, 2012

Unforeseen Hiatus

Sorry about that! It was really a packed week at work last week - I was heading in early and coming home beat, so took no pictures. This week I took pictures, but couldn't find time to post them. And maybe, MAYBE, I'm getting a little tired of looking at myself so often.
Just ugh.

 First, I was entertained to find two pairs of boots in Ben's dresser - boots I thought were long gone to Goodwill or Ebay. The red boots above got a final outing, but they are consigned to the Goodwill bag/pile/semi-sentient lifeform. They are just a very dated style. Second, I love that black fuzzy Loft sweater so much, but it looks perfectly square on me. Kimono arms and short sleeves are not a good combination. Also not a good combination, that dress, those boots and bare legs. Seemed like a lot of skin in September.
Forced smile and significant tum.
I love this Anthropologie top equally, but with better results. It goes with everything and is like wearing . . . air. The top is an acid green Loft tee, with an Eileen Fisher knit skirt and Born boots. I'm wearing the necklace I bought at the Bucktown Art Fest.

I feel you, Nora Ephron.
Old favorites were in heavy rotation this week - fashion comfort food.

My J. Jill crochet skirt and denim jacket, with a purple tee underneath and Miz Mooz boots this time. Although I know they are remarkably similar in hue to the Born boots.

I've definitely put on a few pounds since last winter. The corduroy straightlegs which I am wearing today, which were dreamily comfortable last winter, now feel a little UNcomfortable at the waist, and nothing bugs me more than something pinching my middle. I might have gotten a little complacent about all the walking I do, and had a few too many pieces of cake over the summer. And too few salads. You can see why I am wearing the two skirts with the most forgiving waists in my closet.

I shared a piece of Cannoli cake with Blonde Girl yesterday for her birthday. So worth it, sweetie!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Black and Beige and Born

This outfit is almost a no-brainer - put all of your favorite things on and walk out the door. Each item brings the whammy.  The skirt is linen, but lined and heavy and swishy. The top is a faux wrap, in a heavy jersey, and is just the right length everywhere. The boots are my black Borns, and the necklace is light yet dramatic. Notice the perfect combination of heavy and light in each piece: drapey but not weighty.

Imagine if my whole closet felt like this? At least 20% of my clothes are items that work only under something else, or only with one other item, or only on special occasions. I'll make an exception for the Christmas sweater or fancy pumps, but should I be weeding my closet even more?

Par example, what I'm wearing today. I love the Athleta skirt for many reasons (zippers, stretch), the red linen jacket goes with everything, and the boots are, well, my Born boots.  :-)  The top is a favorite, but you can see I like it better under things than on its own. The little puffed sleeves combined with the gathered neckline emphasize my chest too much. 

The Nine West top is definitely a key player, and even more so because I paid nine dollars for it, but still isn't my A game. Even the Athleta skirt isn't PERFECT, because the zippers go all the way to the side seam and make an odd little bump in my hip. Not that anyone notices that but me.

Many bloggers espouse the optimal closet - keep only those items that you love and work in every way. These bloggers often have what I would consider a very small wardrobe. As I go through the summer stuff, I think I'll be a little more ruthless than in previous seasons. I also want to count everything this year, and finally know how many of everything I own. I suspect it will be a staggering number! And if I feel that MORE than 20% of my clothes are limited use items, I will take action. 


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Orange You Glad?

Childhood puns, how clever they are.

This skirt is so floaty that I had several Marilyn moments on such a windy Wednesday. I wore my fairly ancient Naturalizer orange sandals, which were possibly my second Zappo's purchase. In lieu of carbon dating, that suggests they are at least eight years old. I remember that I ordered three pairs of orange sandals in giddy appreciation of free shipping and free returns.

Talbot's crinkled silk skirt, Jones New York top and the brass feather Kenneth Cole necklace. A different shoe might have given a better proportion with that long full skirt, but I'm still babying my feet.

Pink, White and Yellow

Huh. I never posted this, so here it is, two weeks late. 

Fall is hurtling toward us, and so we are compelled to wear the summery items while we can. Jo pointed out her embroidered linen top and blue sandals to me today - and her fantastic plastic earrings that she says she bought in the Nixon administration.

I am a little tired of my summer wardrobe's riot of color, as much as I like all the linen and cotton and voile. By the time winter is waning I feel permanently wool-itchy. But as September arrives, I like the thought of neutrals and subdued colors: deep red, forest green, burnt orange.

In any case, I wanted to enjoy the lightweight fabrics in a less high contrast way, and this is what I came up with.

The rose crystal pleat top that I just love (but which I am not sure loves me equally), white jeans and my cheerful yellow Kenneth Cole sandals. A blurry closeup of my Kenneth Cole earrings:

These can't be worn with any kind of collar, or they work their way out of my ears - but they're very good with a boat neckline.

My red purse was terribly clashy, so I dug out my yellow The Sak, which I actually bought NEW at Lord and Taylor, albeit on clearance, with an additional discount, and a gift card. The stitching is actually hot pink, though it looks red.

Bracelet from Kohl's
My fun weekend plans include dinner with library pals tonight, a movie with My Friend Deborah, and a chance to finally try on the red jeans I bought over a week ago. I have high hopes.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chambray and a Wee Shoe Ramble

This dress is pretty much a one trick pony. It looks great with this belt and matching shoes or boots. I could possibly wear a short jacket over it, but the sleeves would be lumpy under a cardigan. It is also short and full, and a trifle risky on a windy day like today. Perhaps I should have worn bike shorts under it. 

Still, I get a dozen compliments whenever I wear it, so it's a keeper.

Now, about shoes. I received these in the mail yesterday.

Color Riley unimpressed.
They are Orthaheels, designed specifically to combat heel pain, from which I've been suffering particularly in the last few weeks. Not only do I walk a lot, but I live in a 100% hard floor (wood and ceramic tile over concrete) condo.

The only reason I gave in and bought them is because they were half price. (Discounts can be found at 6PM and Amazon.) This brand is expensive, especially considering they are entirely vinyl and plastic. The faux cork footbed looks like contact paper lining pantry shelves in a 50s ranch house. The strips are stiff and squeaky.

However, they are genuinely therapeutic. I wore these for four hours at home yesterday, and my heel is barely twingeing today. Is "twingeing" a word? These will be my new house slippers. At first they felt like I was walking on a tennis ball, but that is the point, I guess, to stretch out the plantar fascia and reduce the "itis" part. My (possibly vain, and I really mean vain) hope is that wearing these constantly at home will allow me to continue wearing my non-orthopedic shoes at work.

Because what I really want to purchase are THESE:

Spring Step Cheyenne. Oh my.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pink and Beige

I'm still trying to make this ivory jacket work, y'all, this time with narrow trousers.
Talbot's everything, except the shoes, which are White Mountain, and you can't see them anyway. I went without the jacket most of the day, but it is the right layer for a day that begins at 60 degrees and gets up to 75 by lunch time.

The long sleeved tee has a great raw edge detail around the neckline and down the center front. This one is especially nice because it is soft and floppy, not stiff. I am a fool for a raw edge, I tell you.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Shipshape and Seaworthy

I don't think this outfit is TOO heavyhanded a sailor theme. Red Talbot's ankle jeans, J. Jill Striped tank, Talbot's indigo pique jacket, and my super fun Spring Step sandal/boots. This was that rare case where the jacket didn't look better buttoned; you need to see the stripes!

I paid full screaming retail for these pants, and I am so glad! I might need them in bright blue or Windsor green too. They're just long enough to wear with boots in the fall. My only reservation is that the abbreviated length doesn't do my legs any favors. The red sandals extend the color line, but with different colored footwear, I might not like the look so much. Maybe I'll just audition them in the blue.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Lilac and Aqua

Heigh ho, it's September! I'm still rummaging through my closet for things I haven't worn, and this cheerful Sigrid Olsen (eBay) skirt is one of them. For some reason I have never paired it with the lilac Kate Hill jacket (L & T), but it seems painfully obvious now.

My left heel has been paining me, so I wore my cushiony Riekers, which didn't help all that much. As someone posted eloquently on another blog, "I'm 53 and my feet are trashed."

They're so frumpy they almost cross back over into cool. Almost. Here's a closeup of the skirt and jacket to see the pretty colors better.

I took the BMW out to Barrington to visit Blonde Girl, and halfway there two new indicator lights came on.  *sigh*  One was oil, so I fed the reservoir, but the other was (part) of the brake system.  Apparently if all THREE of the brake indicators go on, the system has failed and you should stop driving immediately. Perhaps by running into a tree. But one light is just a warning, and it did go off again almost immediately.

We had a great time at Barrington's Fashion Night Out, sipping wine and trying on jewelry, and I didn't buy anything, and had awesome Shepherd's Pie at McGonigal's, which is in the heart of all that lovely shopping. The BMW started up and took me home successfully. A great evening!

I'm looking forward to the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend with other Blonde Girl. Though seriously, what is up with owls everywhere suddenly? The macrame owl that lived in Karen's office for so many years would be wildly on trend now.