Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Purple Cashmere and Pinstripes

I felt completely antsy yesterday. My hair was in my eyes, my trousers were too short, my sweater felt itchy, my shoes were slipping. I liked my earrings, but that was about it. The funny thing is, I liked the look of the lady in the pictures quite a bit.
She doesn't look ill at ease, even if that sweater is truly more periwinkle than royal blue. Though I know that when I stuff my hair behind my ears, it's time for a haircut. The earrings are large but pure plastic, so are very light:
I've realized that the process of photographing myself regularly has resulted in something between acceptance and enthusiasm about How I Look. Acceptance is too mealy-mouthed a word, and enthusiasm implies a certain glee. MS Word suggests "favorable reception."  Hee hee. I no longer feel shocked when I see myself (who IS that?!), and I can focus on what works clothing-wise because I'm not always wishing I wasn't busty or was taller or whatever. I'm honing in on what I can change, which is much more productive. My fashion vernacular will always include "busty" because I can't throw out my body, but I can ditch "frumpy", "uncomfortable" and "dated" from my vocabulary.

In other news, I am fighting - wrassling - with the desire to shop. Boots are waaayyy on sale everywhere, and I want them all. Colorful, easy to wear dresses are on sale too, and I want them all. Talbot's is offering an additional 25% off their sale items, and . . . you guessed it. There is a sneaky little voice in my head telling me that I've been good (I haven't), that I need things (I don't), and that I'll regret it if I don't buy something (this is such a whopper that I laugh writing it!). I am still wearing things that I haven't worn this year, although I am down to the bottom of the barrel, so I clearly don't need more clothes.  I'm still spending many dollars on accessories, so I can't claim thrift as a virtue.

I want this blog to be my conscience as well as my inspiration. Cheers to willpower!



  1. I reflected the other night that I'd be happier if I never looked at another photo of myself again. I am (relatively)happy with the quick glance in the mirror to confirm I like the clothes, then on with my day. (this is helped along by the fact that I only have about 4 minutes to get dressed in the morning....).

    Love that last photo of you - I know you were channeling Joan, but you look just like Marcia Gay Harden here.

  2. Yes, cheers to willpower! I've deleted all the boot sale ads from my inbox(yay, me). I think I need some basic summer t-shirts, though. I think this is true, but I've resolved not to shop until after the great spring clothing swap. I'm planning to weed a great deal...mostly so I don't have to carry it up to the attic.

    I look way cuter in my head. Also younger. And with better hair. Sometimes that crabby old lady in the mirror scares me in the morning. Grandma Jessie, is that you?