Saturday, March 3, 2012

60 Days In

Two months without buying any clothing, and yet I spent just over $200 on "clothing" in February.  This is in quotation marks because I bought four pieces of jewelry, two purses, two pairs of tights and one pair of boots, but nothing that needs a hanger.

The couch is no closer.

I made a reasonable case to myself that these were items I would get a lot of use out of and that I did not already own in some version. Also, everything was purchased either used or at least 50% off.

Mankind is the rationalizing animal. I''m not meeting my goal of spending less, that's for sure. However, I have thinned out my closet quite a bit in the last two months, and added nothing. As I threw out both pairs of ratty brown ankle boots this month, a new pair of brown ankle boots was a reasonable purchase. Ditto the black earrings when I had worn out both pairs of my black earrings. I returned a belt that I had purchased in January. I am selling two items on eBay that should net me about fifty bucks.

In the area of make and mend, I re-hemmed a pair of pants so I could wear them with higher shoes and changed the buttons on my green military jacket so it looks more authentic (plastic buttons are the bane of my existence). I also took a pair of boots to be re-heeled today. I will continue to work through my closet until I have worn every cool weather item I own.

I am fighting - fighting! - the urge to take Talbot's up on their thoughtful offer of 40% off on a knit jacket. I am NOT buying a perfect white knit button-down shirt from J. Jill at 75% off.  I successfully held off the half-price Halogen pencil skirt until it was no longer available in my size. It was so pretty. 

I am woman, hear me whimper.

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