Saturday, March 3, 2012

Good Lunch, Bad Outfit

On Thursday I went to an all-day HR conference, and so repeated a favorite outfit, knowing that none of YOU were going to see me. When my head got too full of healthcare reform and disability discrimination, I looked around the room at people's clothes and enjoyed a little judgey session in my head. Why do adorable young women wear badly fitting suits with too high heels? Too tight, too baggy, pants too long (LOTS of that), dull colors, shiny cheap fabrics, and all of that with wobbly ankles because their feet think they're at the Oscars.

Also seen, lots of oversized black purses, and about a third of the women with the same haircut - MY haircut, not to put too fine a point on it. At least I know I'm keeping up with a trend; I saw a few sets of mall bangs as well.

The conference was really good; informative and only occasionally overwhelming.  Lunch was delicious:

There is a dessert in the background but it is not MY dessert. I was too full.

On Friday I put together an outfit in my head and took a quick snap with and without a belt in the AM. It was a long, long week, and I was completely out of steam fashion-wise, other than Must. Not. Repeat. Clothing. Well, this is what comes of that kind of thinking, young lady!

The thing, I like all of these pieces separately. The pants fit and feel great and are a nice length. The little cardi usually gets a compliment, the tee is a great brick red, blahblahblah. And seriously, it looks better with the belt. Good thing I barely left my office on Friday.  

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