Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Military and Blue

I did wear this jacket previously this year (at DEMCO fantasy camp), but YOU haven't seen it, dear reader, so here we go. I changed the buttons out on this jacket, from olive plastic (bleaahh!) to a simple brass design. Much better. I look sleepy, but I am really amused at unseen cat action on the kitchen floor. Well, I AM a little sleepy, we had an all-staff meeting which started my day an hour early.

Underneath is an Athleta dress in a great blue and black paisley print, for which this is the first wearing in 2012. I also have this dress in gray and black.

The dress has a generous neckline, so I either wear a jacket over it, or a camisole under it. We did Tai Chi at our all-staff meeting this morning, and this was the perfect choice; stretchy, good CYA coverage, and flattering. That was a great workout, by the way, I'm going to get some Tai Chi DVDs and try it at home.  

I was asked by a colleague about my tights later that day. They're DKNY Comfort Waist tights in Fatigue. These are the BEST TIGHTS EVER. They last forever and don't pinch my pudgy waist. I hate things poking me - I'm always cutting out labels - but especially at my tender middle. The tights have a mild control top, but again, super comfortable.

Here's the pretty stuff; J. Jill watch, bracelet and earrings Premier Designs, both gifts from my sister-in-law, and a new ring from eBay. I'm sorry you can't see the stone more clearly. Here's a similar ring from the same vendor. I bought three rings at once: bloodstone, rutilated quartz (yellow-ish) and ocean jasper. They're not fine jewelry by any means, but have a good sized stone and a slim band. I like a big ring, but don't like feeling like I'm wearing brass knuckles.

You know, I'd hoped to spend a little blogging time on other subjects than the daily outfit, but it's been difficult. Maybe when I start repeating myself. Is there anything YOU'D like me to ramble on about?

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  1. This dress was really pretty on you. you can't tell in the picture with your arms crossed, but it makes your waist and hips look tiny! Think I might need to get me an Athleta dress.....