Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rust-Colored Boots and an Awkward Pose

I was musing idly yesterday about what I would wear today, and realized that I would be photographing the result. Ack. Suddenly what seemed comfortable and potentially cute was fraught with danger. Why is what the camera sees so different from what I see? After all, my eyes (with glasses) are waaayyy better than my phone.
This is the result. Athleta dress, Talbots jacket, Naturalizer boots. I ended up perched on the kitchen counter in an effort to show the boots (I kept cutting off my feet and getting way too much ceiling). Seeing the photo, I realize I need a big-ass flower pin, as the red necklace (and hair) is not enough to connect with the lovely rust suede and leather boots. Most of my pins and brooches are small, and they seem fine when I look down at them from eight inches away, but the camera points out the truth - they are invisible to anyone who is NOT making out with me.

Trust me, this was the best of the dozen pics I took.

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