Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Recapping the First Quarter of the Big Game

Let's recap the first quarter of 2012, shall we?

$620 spent on 24 items
  • Nine (9) pieces of jewelry
  • Three (3) pairs of shoes/boots
  • Three (3) items of clothing; two maxi skirts and a bra
  • Nine (9) other; purses, socks, a belt, gloves and a watchband
$86 of the above resulted from eBay sales. In the area of make and mend, I spent $40 on alterations and re-heeling a pair of boots, previously mentioned.

This isn't . . . too bad. In the same way I've become accustomed to How I Look, I'm becoming accustomed to How I Spend. Leaving out the $86 in PayPal money (my equivalent of Geoffrey Dollars), I spent $21.36 on each of the above items.

Sadly (?), the red maxi skirt I ordered from Shopbop after my astrological mandate last week was ALL WRONG. It committed the cardinal sin of making me look fat. One thing I've learned over the years, it's the clothes' fault, not mine. It had elastic at the back which was really unflattering, and was also too long and too sheer. Back it goes!

And since I'm randomizing here, I read 100 Unforgettable Dresses and Alexander McQueen, Savage Beauty this week. Both were marvelous compilations of thought and style. The McQueen book was particularly well laid out; it is a museum exhibit catalog of course, and thus extremely professional in production. Ben patiently sat with me as I showed him some of the work and talked about the designer and the-fashion-show-as-performance-art concept. I had been rummaging through my brain the past few months, trying to remember the name of an artist I had seen years ago at the MCA, and Savage Beauty mentioned that McQueen collected him - Joel Peter Witkin. If you look at his art, you'll understand why I was afraid to Google him: "artist, hermaphrodite, death, decapitation." I'm not brave enough to look at THAT search string.

These are both books I wanted to linger over, but couldn't really afford. A public library is a great thing.

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