Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's in the Box, Vanna?

Many of those boxes on my kitchen counter represented an attempt to find a pair of comfortable, but not sneaker-ish, red flats. I ordered five different pairs, and here are the winners! Born Adele, courtesy of Amazon, about 25% off. They're very comfy, very cute without having bows or other whimsy, and being Born, will probably last another ten years. 

Now, not ALL of the boxes had red shoes in them. There were some deals at 6PM that I could not resist, and they are being put through their paces indoors before I make any decisions.

Is this a reasonable practice, to order and return shoes in mass quantities? I find that if I ask a shoe salesperson to find me every pair of red flats in the store, I will feel guilty enough to buy one - even if I don't love them. Trying them on in my home makes the rejection process easier.


  1. Cute shoes! I hate going to the post office - mostly because it's time consuming to pack everything back up and it usually has to be a trip on a day off. So sometimes I keep mail order stuff that I'd return to a "real" store. But I agree, I'd end up buying stuff I didn't necessarily love in-person just so I didn't look like a jerk to the salesperson.

    BTW, Talbot's clearance is 90% off at the outlet (you can see what they have by looking at the "outlet" section on their website - which isn't 90% off). I made an impromptu trip on Sunday. I had to clear out space in my closet. I want to wear the linen skirt I got for less than $6 everyday just because it was such a bargain. So much for my brief no new clothes rule. And no, I still haven't found a red t-shirt. Grr.

  2. The post office right across the street too is key. I've found easy (walking) access to the post office is the imperative to successful online shopping and returning. Otherwise I'm just too lazy to get myself (and all the stuff) there....

    I do buy swimsuits en masse at Lands End and then return them to the store - I find that very handy. I love when they ask, a the counter "reason for the return?" "Um, I don't need 15 black swimsuits..."

    cute shoes, btw (-: