Friday, April 6, 2012

Orange and Fawn

We have to keep going to work, you know? I have to drum up more donations for our Rotary fundraiser at the end of the month, I have to meet with staff for their evaluations, I have to figure out a "best offer" price for our bookmobile, I have to organize a focus group for the Chamber. The memorial service is tomorrow and we're figuring out how to cover the desks so that many of us can attend. Everyone is stepping up to help out.

Feeling useful and engaged saves our lives in moments of crisis. All my life, when I've been the most depressed, worried, even afraid of what my future held, it was work and those relationships that made me feel better. Working in libraries has only intensified this feeling of value and support from my coworkers. I'm not dragging people out of burning buildings, don't get me wrong, but we're an important part of the community, and a "free" library is a public good. We're not really free of course, but every resident is welcome and encouraged to use us every day. That's why it says PUBLIC in our name.

Here's what I wore.

Talbot's head to toe: burnt orange cardigan and knit top, "fawn" stretch pants, cognac ankle boots. Faithful furball at my side.


  1. Orange you just so stylish? And Riley looks like he thinks you're made of orange sherbet and is taking a taste.

    Sad here, too. My uncle not expected to live through the day. I've been intermittently tearing up at work. But everyone is so kind. Libraries are the best places to work.

  2. So sorry to hear, ma belle petite. In the way books comforted us in our youth, booklovers (and books) comfort us as adults.