Friday, April 20, 2012

Green and Grey, Miss Holloway

What's missing from this picture is my Joan Holloway pen necklace, which I brought out to lend to a friend today. I put it on and it looked so cute that I realized I should wear it once in a while. I was attending a shower today at our weekly Rotary get-together, for a friend who recently became Mrs. Green, and we were asked to wear green in some form. I felt sad for the men, who could only wear green ties or pocket squares. I wore GREEN AND THEN SOME. Let's start with outerwear.
This is a Nine West beauty, via eBay. It is just the right length, and that wide collar is very flattering. No excitement in the lining, though.

From the ground up: Talbot's gray boots, a Target Merona (via eBay) gray wool skirt, and a Talbot's green cardigan. The color is actually cloverleaf and I love it so much I paid full screaming retail. Notice the three quarter length sleeves. I also have on my pearls from Nerissa, pearl earrings and an opal ring that Ben's Dad gave me many, many years ago. Riley is an excellent matching accessory, being sort of grey and pearl-colored himself.

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