Thursday, April 12, 2012

Red, Black and Cream Homage to Sheila

Wednesday's outfit was inspired by this fabulous Ephemera outfit. I belive I bought the skirt I am wearing minutes after seeing Sheila's post. eBay, 10 bucks. It's lone (minor) drawback is that it is lined with cotton, which drags a bit on tights. So, sshhh, I'm not wearing any.

Talbot's bordeaux corduroy jacket,  Loft long sleeve tee, White House Black Market skirt via eBay, black Anne Klein boots. I have a fluffy chiffon polka dot brooch on.

I started with the Loft tee and noticed it was a perfect match for the jacket. I have the picture of Sheila up on my bedroom door (not that that's creepy or anything), so I pulled out the black and white skirt. I sorta wish my jacket had black frogs instead of boring old buttons.

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