Friday, April 27, 2012

I Want To Go To There

Jon Hamm made me pee my pants on 30 Rock last night. "Banjo!" I will just be saying that randomly from now on. Also high-larious, the sixties news skit in which a "girl with a nice shape" appears to have kidnapped the male reporter. The full episode, including different east and west coast versions, is available on Hulu if you need more of that Hamm sandwich.

In other news, I want this jacket:
Sundance catalog Wellesley Ruched Blazer
And I have wanted this jacket for almost a year (that's when I ripped the page out of the catalog). I was looking wistfully at the picture last night and wondering if waiting a year was long enough to "earn" it. Good reviews on the web site, marked down to half price, I could TRY it, right? The only jacket I have remotely like this is a red tweed affair which is kind of big on me and which you will be viewing shortly. I'll keep you posted. 

Thursday's outfit was also based on a clipping from a catalog, except I reversed the colors of jacket and shirt.
The jacket is a venerable suede number that was one of my first eBay purchases. The front has a row of metal snaps that make a wonderfully satisfying sound when you rip them open. A pale pink winter-weight jacket is a rare chimera indeed. I used to have a pink wool crepe three button jacket that I wore until the lining fell apart, because I couldn't find anything to replace it. Now I'm wearing this pink suede jacket into grimy obscurity (cleaning suede is never worth the huge expense).

Underneath I have on a beautifully made Talbot's wing-collar blouse. The placket and cuffs are a fine herringbone trim and the sleeves are three quarter length. I don't wear it often, but it is just too nice a shirt to retire.
The necklace is a slice of golden agate that a friend put on a chain for me 30 years ago. I have very few sentimental possessions, and they're all in my jewelry box.

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