Thursday, April 26, 2012

Green and Black and Leopard

This skirt is one of my very favorite pieces of clothing because:
  • It was a gift from a friend
  • It does great things for my bottom half
  • It's wildly comfortable
  • It has never seen the inside of a Talbot's store
It's a black, stretchy, wool Moth skirt from Anthropologie!

Forced "I'm tired get this over with" smile.

I'm wearing it with a (sigh) Talbot's cardigan, Anne Klein boots, and the leopard chiffon top I made last year. The skirt has "inside out" seaming, which I hope you can see a little better here.

All the jewelry is from eBay: a Premier Designs sparkly shiny glittery bracelet, green amber earrings and a Fossil watch. 

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