Saturday, April 28, 2012

Red and Gray, no, Taupe, no, Gray

I don't know what color this J. Jill skirt is. I do know that it is regularly voted MVP in my closet for comfort, flattering my figure, and going with everything for nearly a decade.

The Talbot's jacket is wool and warm enough to wear on a crisp April day with only a scarf. The jacket is a little big on me and a little staid, as I mentioned yesterday. I did order the Sundance jacket after all. Sundance has ruinous shipping charges, so I really hope I like it.

I thought when I put these together that the outfit was a little more cohesive than it actually appears in the pic. It kind of looks like two halves of different ensembles. Maybe a gray tee and red boots would have been better choices? Of course that never would have happened, because I intend to wear these boots EVERY DAY. I'm also wearing a new ring - but this is the last one, I swear. It's Lia Sophia, via eBay.

This weekend I'm going to a Rotary Trivia Night, determined to win a set of Chicago Shakespeare Theater tickets in the raffle. Even if I don't win them, I'm still going to see this:

The extraordinarily elegant Ian McDarmaid
Who wouldn't want to see the Emperor Palpatine in Timon of Athens? Appearing now through June 10 at Navy Pier.

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  1. I own the skirt in a melange of red and black, although it's petite and I'm always worried static cling has made it indecent. And I own a long version in the same beige/brown/gray color. It has to be mighty cold to wear the long one, but boy it's warm. And I like the little mermaid flare at the bottom of the long one.