Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blue and Taupe and Another Action Shot!

Wow, so glad this week is over! To see the week out, I wore one of my favorite color combinations: blue and taupe. Or marine and ivory, navy and cream, etc. I rarely wear deep navy and stark white together - it makes me feel like a flight attendant - though I do have that J. Crew striped tee that sees a lot of action. Since I was a teenager I wanted to be that girl in the perfectly faded jeans and her boyfriend's white oxford, but that silhouette just didn't fly on me. I have a photograph from years ago, when I was at my thinnest, in jeans and a cream silk shirt, and I look like that mental picture I had for ages. What the picture doesn't show is that I was thin because I was profoundly depressed and not eating. My brother once commented years ago on having the same visual disconnect: "I feel like sh*t, but I look GREAT!" (We're all better now, thanks for asking)

Here, I feel pretty darn good (still counting my many blessings), and I am happy with how I look as well. Though, hmmm, maybe the boots are a little bulky with a midi hemline.

Here's the stuff; wooden bracelet from who knows where, a Talbot's necklace and earring set that might be older than Ben (who is 23, as it happens).

And here is another poetry in motion shot of a furry blur and a couple of feet.

He sticks the landing!! The East German judge gives him a 9.8!! The crowd goes wild!!

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  1. Go Riley? I'm not showing any kitties at my house these pics of him on the counter. Their best virtues are that they don't get on the counters nor play with my yarn. I won't go into their worst traits....

    I feel the same love for red and navy, but you have to be careful not to look like a flag. I currently do not own a red t-shirt. Intolerable!

    I recently came across a photo of me the first week on the job at CS. My thoughts: I once again have nearly the same hairstyle - and who is that skinny woman? Oh yeah, she was the one who used to run 5 days a week and eat salads. We love and hate her simultaneously.