Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Green, Brown - Boots!

When my feet are happy, the rest of me is smiling too. Even on a board meeting day! Said meeting was only an hour and I was home by 9:15 to take this picture.

This might be an overshare, but this outfit is a convincing visual argument for a different bra. Still, I like the tweed skirt with the twinset and tough girl boots.

 The chunky bracelet is Lia Sophia via eBay. I really like the colors and weight, even if it leaves dents in my wrist. It doesn't clank like a bangle or FEEL heavy. The necklace and earrings are Talbot's.

Ah, the boot action. They are Born Magda, via 6pm, at a price I was helpless to resist. They are fully leather-lined, so I can wear them without tights in warmer weather, and yet they're not terribly heavy.  The sole and heel are shock-absorbing rubber, and the insole has so much support and cushioning that I literally smiled all day. Happy feet.

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