Thursday, April 26, 2012

Purple and Leopard

This outfit is not complicated, but I really like it on. Royal purple Talbot's tee and J. Jill straightleg cords, combined with a Boden leopard (ish) velvet jacket. The jacket lining is the same royal purple. I wore it previously with a purple skirt, but am not keen on the proportions. The jacket is pretty boxy, and also a fairly stiff fabric (though luscious to the touch). it looks better with pants.
Riley is head-butting me to feed him, not loving up my jacket. The Talbot's tee has these great vertical chiffon pleats down the front, seen below with the jacket front.

Someone please explain why occasionally my pictures rotate themselves and nothing I can do will fix them. Are they turning to face Mecca?

I bought this ring with matching earrings on eBay for a few dollars. It appears to be sterling (and wood) and is fairly heavy. The earrings are identical, but are wires and too heavy for me. I'm sure that's why they were on eBay. I'm all into rings suddenly; I've bought at least half a dozen on eBay in the last two months, none of them for more than $15. Big spender! 

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