Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blue and Born

Not a misprint - I'm all about these Born boots because they make my feet so happy.

I also have on a new blue knit skirt from Talbot's, my faded wash J. Jill jacket, and a blue, purple and green chiffon top from Lord and Taylor. I've been looking for a dark blue skirt that is multi-season; I have a blue cord skirt that is winter-weight, and a couple linen and cotton summer versions. I was a little dubious of this one when I opened the package, but it is really comfy on, and is the perfect length, so I'm keeping it. I might still be looking for a more formal navy pencil skirt.

In a while, crocodile.

1 comment:

  1. Yay for happy feet.

    I own the same skirt in a more of a light denim blue, and black as well. I think it's three season, which I like. Not surprisingly, it's longer on me, but still a good length - right to the top of my boots. :) I also own a black skirt from Talbots that's similar in style but more of a true circle skirt and all wool. It might be the favorite garment in my wardrobe right now. It's both girly and professional.