Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blue and Gray for a Friday Outing

We don't have Casual Friday at my library, nor at any library that I know of. Most libraries are fairly casual anyway, as when you're bending over to get books from the bottom shelf or helping people do database searches all day long, pencil skirts and stilettos are contraindicated. Nevertheless, we do aim for amore stylish standard than most public libraries. This may not be saying much; at library conferences you can always tell the product vendors because they have heels on.

Be that as it may, last Friday I only came in to work for a morning meeting, and spent the rest of the day in the city with Heidi, so I didn't dress full-on administrator. Heidi and I went to Toast for lunch and then to Virtu. Apparently only nouns can be used in urban nomenclature; we also visited Soutache, Lush, and Tangerine.

I had to be warm, obviously, and I had to be able to walk a couple miles (our last stop was a bakery.) I also wanted to wear blue and black to remind myself that I needed earrings in those colors. I found a great pair of black dangly stone earrings at a store that defied the nouns only legislation, The Green Goddess. They had the coolest, softest Old Gringo "Leopardito" boots I've ever seen, for a mere $300. Oh, I wanted them. They were a bargain too, they're at least fifty dollars more online. But a bargain is a relative thing, no matter how soft and leopard-y.

Above, I have on a Talbot's marine blue cardigan, a Jones New York top via eBay, grey "Dipper" cords from Athleta, and warm fuzzy Naturalizer boots. I also have some CURLY hair - it just did that on its own Friday morning. 

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  1. ...And glasses that perfectly match your sweater.

    I'll always remember my boss in a meeting about dress codes asking in a puzzled voice, "Why wouldn't you always want to look your best?"