Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Psychic Fashion, Purple and Animal Print

Do you see where I'm going with this?

We see this all the time at the 'bary. An invisible memo goes out, and we show up in the same color scheme. I've walked past the Youth Services desk and seen three staff wearing the identical shade of blue. The combination of animal print and purple is clearly a powerful siren song. The red hair and glasses just make us look even more like soul sisters.

The jacket is Boden, the skirt is Talbot's, and the boots are Anne Klein.

The watch is my first ever eBay purchase, at least eight years ago. I had bought this Sointu watch for my husband from the Museum of Contemporary Art store (I worked there). He wore it for years, perhaps still does, and I always wished I had bought one for myself, but they were very expensive back in 1986. There's an interesting snippet about the Sointu line here. When I heard of eBay, this was the first thing I looked for. I knew when I found it that eBay and I were going to have a very special relationship. If you look closely, the "numbers" are little hash marks. This line of watches are still sold under a different design name (though not THIS design), and if you're looking for an elegant unisex watch that will last for years, I recommend them highly.

The ring is from Premiere Designs, which my sister-in-law sold for a couple of years. The cross necklace is Lia Sophia, seen here. This was worn last Wednesday, and I now officially surrender any hope of posting a daily picture. You were warned.


  1. LOVE the purple skirt. Funny, I've been wearing that color a lot lately myself. And yes, this psychic fashion thing happens a lot. Partly because we all shop at the same stores.

    Your necklace is just the right length and proportion. I'm always a little leery about wearing crosses. I like them as a fashion statement, but don't want people to think I'm making a religious statement. People already over-share with me at the desk (and during e-book classes. Something about the soft glow from an iPad evidently invites people to share).

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