Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Red, Gray and Brown - The Board Meeting

A couple of years ago I presented a project to the library board, and they declined to pursue it. I was surprised and disappointed. A colleague said to me, in jest, "It was your red suit. It inflamed them!" After that I trotted out the dark brown pantsuit and the navy ensemble. Occasionally I would splash out in olive green.

But I have a mission this week, to wear things I have not worn yet in 2012, and this Boden blouse called to me. Short sleeved and chiffon, it definitely needs a jacket. I intended to wear gray pants, but realized my gray "slacks" (it's 1950 in my head, clearly) had a hem that was stapled up. Huh. So, I pulled out the red cords (entirely different from the red velvet pants I've worn previously) and these brown croco boots that I found on eBay. The jacket is a favorite Talbots denim jacket.

The boots had a NAIL in the sole which poked me once I got to work, so I accepted my fate and threw them in the trash. They were overdue for disposal, and the nail rendered them un-donateable. Luckily I had a pair of leopard flats at work. As one does.

The jewelry was unremarkable.

I know I was taking a chance with the board, wearing red pants, but it worked out all right. I wasn't asking for anything special last night.


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  1. Only you would keep a pair of LEOPARD flats in your desk at work (-: I have a pair of walking sneakers I brought into work a year ago, with the intention of taking nice walks at lunch. That happened twice. Perhaps I should take them home, now.