Wednesday, February 22, 2012

White and Camel and Pearls!

In keeping with wearing unseen items this week, here is Monday, and my favorite white sweater from J. Jill. It has an open weave, and so generally a summer or spring item, but I tucked a long sleeve white t-shirt under it to make it a bit warmer, and wore it with camel flannel trousers. The pants are a bit short, and I'm not sure the wider leg and shorter length is entirely flattering. I took about seven pics trying to find a flattering angle. You can't see that I am wearing slippers in this picture, can you? It was almost eleven o'clock at night, after a very cheerful dinner, and I flung my boots off as soon as I got home. 

White and camel feels kind of luxe to me. "This woman never gets spaghetti sauce on her front and owns many camelhair items." Neither of these statements are true in my case.  Look at all the pretty necklaces, though:
Left to right; Lia Sophia necklace, special gift from a colleague, RL necklace, and I think those are Robert Rose earrings from Lord and Taylor. The pearls were a gift from someone I work with, who brought them back from the Philippines. They're glass, and look and feel like the real thing. I finger them all day long when I wear them. I have other fake-o pearls and they are nowhere near the quality of these. What a generous thought they were!

Another colleague gave me a very useful lesson about white, yonks ago. I said I never wore white because I worried about staining it, and she said, "Honey, that's what bleach is for." EXCELLENT advice.


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