Friday, February 3, 2012

Designer Collaborations

Am I little cranky lately? I might be over the "famous meets cheap" synergy. At least, I'm finding it hard to keep up with Jason Wu at Target and Trina Turk at Banana Republic. Karl Lagerfeld collaborating with Garanimals, now THAT I'd be down with. I think the concept is becoming oversaturated.

Oh, I was waitin' by my computer last fall to buy a Missoni for Target dress and some towels, believe you me. And it's funny, because considering the millions of items they sold (and then were resold on eBay), I've never seen anyone wearing the stuff. Maybe they all bought the pillows.

Now I feel like I don't have time to consider each collection and get even a little excited about it. I thought the Natori for Target line was darling, but never did get around to buying the chemise and slippers. That was the very last high/low debut I marked on my calendar.

You heard it here first - Lagerfeld and Garanimals. "Easy to pair, fun to wear."

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