Sunday, February 12, 2012

Opinions Wanted

This skirt has been edging towards the Goodwill bag practically since I bought it. Pro: my favorite colors and a cool pattern, light dreamy fabric. Con: so sheer it requires a slip, bulky at the waist (a wide elastic), and awkward length. I've worn it with a brown fitted linen jacket and sandals in the summer, and that was . . . OK. I'd like to wear it now, and this is what I came up with. I quite like the boots with it; they pick up the orangey-brown in the pattern.  

Dark jacket? Light jacket? Different color tee? Time to give up on the skirt?  Please weigh in in the comments or email me directly. And ChiLibrarian, I'd like to see that outfit you described with the long lace skirt. Send me a pic?


  1. Love the boots. How about a brown top under the dark jean jacket? Or needs some chunky brown jewelry - otherwise fine for summer, but seems like a summer outfit.

    Check your email for pics. Damn, I'm a bad photographer.

  2. It is a pretty color... I'm thinking this would be pretty with a fitted chocolate brown turtle neck or something similarly sleek and dark brown to wrangle in the column at the waist. Also, I know you don't like your heels too high, but higher heels would help the proportion of the shirt. You should try platforms.