Monday, February 27, 2012

Olive and . . . More Olive

This Kate Hill jacket elicits a wonderful response. People love it; the embroidery, the cut, the color. I bought it with matching olive silk pants, but I gained some weight and the pants became uncomfortable, so off they went to Goodwill. I loved the jacket for years, but when I started branching out into more daring color combinations, it began to feel a little staid to me. I wore it to Thanksgiving dinner last year with olive cords and felt really matchy matchy all night long. I haven't worn it since then.

I thought I'd give another outing this week. The tweed pants give the outfit a little texture, though it's still pretty bland. But, oh, the compliments I got!  Seriously, I can't throw this jacket out. I just have to find more interesting things to wear it with.

The brooch is this fabulous brass and gold calla lily that my former boss bought for me years ago. It's one of those pieces that has a story - traditionally made in this particular town or county or whatever - but of course I can't remember what that story is.

But look! Here it is! Hand wrought jewelry from Stuart Nye, Asheville, North Carolina since 1933. You can shop a treasure trove here.  God bless the internet.   

1 comment:

  1. Olive you in that jacket (c'mon, it had to be said).

    What about a cream colored skirt and olive shoes? Or a darker green skirt? Too Christmas-y? I like the tweed trousers.

    Fancy how you and Riley synced your poses.