Thursday, February 2, 2012

30 Days and Counting

I am one month into the attempt to not buy any new clothes. How have I done? Well, I did buy one maxi skirt on eBay, which was advertised as suede, but instead turned out to be "suede". Ish. Which is why I got it for nine bucks. I chastised the vendor, who claimed it had been "an honest mistake", blah blah blah. Like the label didn't clearly say polyester.

Aside from that skirt, I acquired a jacket, pants and skirt from Talbots with awards dollars, and I weeded two large bags of clothing from my closet. I own fewer items of clothing now.

That's all well and good, but how is the savings coming? You see, I bought two belts and some amazing boots this month (they are ACCESSORIES, not clothes). That means the overall savings is nil for January.  Here's to February being a model of thrift and restraint!

I love bright yellow year-round, but especially in January when our eyes are starved for color: 
There are those Golc Mary Janes again. Heather suggested last year that I wear them with dark patterned tights, so I did and she was out sick. Cheers, Heather! The sweater skirt is an old reliable from J. Jill, which has fit me through thick and thin. The leopard chiffon tee I sewed myself, and the crocheted cardi is an eBay steal (defined as under ten bucks). 

I really didn't intend for this blog to be a daily shot of Riley, but I take these pics when I get home, and he is trying to impress on me the idea that he luuuurrrrrves me and is only incidentally hoping I will feed him.


  1. I own that skirt - a red identical one and a long brown one that flares out at the bottom. The red one is just the right length. It's not your friend in very dry overheated libraries - static cling with tights can be epic.

    I love the daily shot of fashion librarian/cat.

    I read in some decorating book that every room should have at least one small black object. That's what I have Zoe for. And the luuurrrrve.

  2. Just loverly! and I also love the new green blog background - VERY trendy!