Monday, February 20, 2012

Red and yellow, snag a fellow?

It's a well known fact that men are attracted to bright colors. Like cardinals. I cannot confirm that based on the following ensemble, though one friend delightedly said, "You're so CUTE!" Another said that looking at me made her want a hot dog. You know, the ketchup and mustard? 

My coral snake combo includes a Talbots red cardigan, Sundance yellow cords, Eddie Bauer lace tunic nightgown thingy, Boden boots. Since I've started taking pics of myself, I've realized that I'm often inclined to snag a few items, or colors (uh, yellow), repeatedly. Thusly, and also hence, my approach for the coming week will be to wear things I haven't worn yet this month, or this year, or AT ALL. I read somewhere of a woman who turns the hangers around when she wears things so she doesn't repeat herself. I think I'll pick the low-hanging fruit to start. The bits and bobs:

Skagen watch, RL necklace, gold earrings of mysterious origin, and one of the few "real" pieces of jewelry I own, the (barely visible) gold ring I bought after losing forty pounds 22 years ago. And of course, my Rotary pin because it is Thursday.

Sally wrote an incredibly stimulating post this morning about the pressure to feel chic this morning. I'm not sure pressure is the right word in my case, as it implies weight, burden, oppression, tension, force (I love an online thesaurus, don't you?). I like clothes and fashion at the meta and the micro level, but I have no particular inner sense of style or creativity. I NEED the incentive and inspiration to keep me out of a comfy rut of Talbot's, Boden, Ecco, rinse and repeat. However, I keep a fashion abatement zone, also known as the weekend, in which I put on jeans and a top and call it a day. 

Kristen also wrote about the point where something fun begins to feel like work, and what she could do to Dress Like a Normal Person. I love being able to link to all the people who said it better than me! We'll see how I feel after I've been keeping this journal for more than a few weeks. 

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  1. I own that sweater. It's a source of guilt as I've worn it once and will likely never wear it again. It looks so cute on you. When I wear it, it looks like I've raided my much taller mother's closet. Sigh.

    I'm surprised you weren't knocked over by the speeding cat/battering ram.