Thursday, February 9, 2012

So close, and yet . . .

Admittedly, I didn't think long and hard about this outfit. I went for comfort and warmth, and hoped everyone would admire my boots. The long sleeve under short sleeve top conundrum strikes again, sadly. It just looks so obviously like I pulled a warm tee out of the dresser to render a summer dress winter-ready. I originally had an acid green cardigan over the dress, and it wasn't warm enough in the office. My condo is so toasty (7th floor, radiant heat) that I find it hard to put on enough clothing for February weather. 

The dress is kind of great, though. I made it last summer, in a fit of "I will sew my own clothes again and save lots of money!" I bought the fabric online, and love its stained glass look and forgiving stretch. Here's a closeup of the fabric and the necklace.

The boots are Boden, and therefore fit perfectly, are really well made, and totally worth the price.

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  1. Your dress is fab! I *almost* want to sew.

    You'd be so proud - I shopped in my closet and came up with a brand new outfit yesterday. I wore a long brown lace skirt that I never wear because it's too fancy. But I dressed it down with (new) distressed brown boots, and a fitted jean jacket. I got tons of compliments and the skirt got to come out of hibernation. How old is it? The store I bought it at has been out of business at least 5 years, and I bought it long before they closed. I almost weeded it this year, but it was too pretty and still fit. Now I'm glad I gave it a reprieve.