Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday love

Today I love:

Our tireless IT staff. They smile and fix anything, and never blame me for breaking it (like in the bad old days.) My laptop's puzzling coma is all better, thanks! But the bigger picture is knowledge and trust and common goals. I actually look forward to our weekly meetings.

DHC. This Japanese skincare and cosmetics company landed in my mailbox a few years ago and changed my life. Four free samples with any order! Fragrance free and nothing irritates my sensitive to the point of needing therapy skin. I use their moisturizers, cleansers, primer, sunblock, a few hair products, masks, and blotting paper. Their makeup remover sheets are the only such product that don't irritate my skin.  I wear this stuff every night:

My job. In these times, I'm lucky to be employed, let alone liking all my colleagues AND believing our work is exciting and valuable. Every once in a while I lie in bed thinking, "Really? You're thinking about what to wear AGAIN? This is what your life amounts to?", and then I remember and am awed by the all-round value a library brings to its community. I'm so fortunate to be a part of it.

Limpa bread. I made two loaves this weekend, with raisins and fennel seed and orange peel and I've been eating it for breakfast every morning. Yum. I used one of the recipes in Beard on Bread, but here is another one.

My other cat. You've seen so much - and there is so very much to see - of Riley, well, here is my little slayer. Despite the fact that she IS a slayer of mousies and cicadas, etc. Buffy is a bit of a fraidy cat with people. Few of my visitors have actually seen her. Last summer there were people working on the balconies every day for a month, and poor Buffy resorted to the sink.

Goodlooking storage. I found this fantastic bracelet stand on Amazon, but it is also available at the Container Store. The price will vary online, but I got mine for about twenty bucks, including shipping. It's very solid and sturdy, and covered with lovely black velvet. I know that if I can't see my stuff easily, I forget I own it. I had bracelets tucked away here and there because they were too big to fit in my pathetic jewelry box. Now I can see them all AND all my watches. And hey, I have enough bracelets and watches! I have a gracious plenty!

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