Thursday, February 23, 2012

Missoni Wednesday!

FINALLY, the Missoni for Target dress gets worn to work. I bought it the morning that the line went on sale, September 13, 2011. I wore it to an evening event at the Des Plaines Theater last year, but had been nervous about taking it 9 to 5. Since the actual purchasing of the dress was so exciting - previewing the lookbook online, watching the Target web site collapse under the traffic, checking patiently for the web site to recover consciousness, ordering the dress I had picked out at least a month earlier - I knew I had to pull the trigger eventually.

Let's do a big reveal, shall we?
This is my hot pink Bartolino raincoat - who knew Bartolino made coats? I got it on eBay for about $15. Note the zippers on the pockets! 

Check (hee hee) out that lining! Not the best view of the outfit, but . . . Ooooh, that sweater is coming off!

Riley thinks, "Um, that's a lot of horizontal stripes, Mom."
 Let's go back to the black Jones New York cardigan, yes? 

Riley shows me some love. And how about that five dollar necklace from Macy's!

Seriously, that necklace gets more compliments than any other item I own. 

Well, that's the Missoni dress. I'll never wear the towels to work.



  1. this was my favorite look of the week! If you ever tire of the dress, let me know!

  2. Baby! Love it. And that necklace! Bargain!!! I'd wear that dress all of the time. Riley is right to show you the love.