Monday, October 1, 2012

The Return of Corduroy!

My favorite thing about Fall other than Honeycrisp apples, of which I bought half a peck this weekend, is soft, snuggly corduroy pants. Oddly, corduroy jackets tend to be stiffer, at least the tailored kind of jacket that I prefer. I've never been one for "big shirts". Here I am trying to show off my Spring Step gray suede ankle boots without stepping on Riley, who is agitating for dinner.

And here is the shot that makes a little more sense: J. Jill denim jacket (again), Loft scarf, and gray Talbot's cords.
 And here I am admiring my own behind.

Here is a better shot of the boots. The buttons are only decorative; there is an inside zipper. Still available on Amazon if you have smaller feet than I do!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Riley!

    Nice boots, outfit, and behind. I guess it's all good.

    We have a page at the library who is my nemesis. But she can't sneak up on me because she wears cords (zwip, zwip, zwip). Every day. Including 100 degree weather. She had lots of cute tops, I'm not sure why only one pair of pants. she must love them!