Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Equestrienne, Maybe?

This outfit evolved radically from a yellow pencil skirt (Halogen), the Sundance jacket, and my cognac boots. Cute, yes, but I didn't want to wear tights, so the skirt was out (too short). Then I tried yellow pants:

It's not as horrifying as I first thought when I saw it on the tiny screen, but still . . . no. I got out the long gray sweater I got specifically to wear with these cheerful pants:

Arrggh. Both pants and sweater get flung on the bed. Then I remembered my original idea was to wear a blue skirt with the jacket, and voila!

Pterodactyl arms. *sigh*

Whew, that is MUCH better. I also cuffed the jacket sleeves to show the rad teal lining. I think it needs something ivory at the throat - a scarf? A blouse with a tie? Something like this?
This outfit captures all my childhood pony dreams.

A faux Hermes scarf with horses and bits and things? I'll add that to my list of possible things that might work. Comments? Suggestions?

I've updated my list of wardrobe goals with #5, an ivory lace tee with a high neckline, so it can be seen under jackets like the Sundance one. That was how it was shown in the catalog. Again, it is the simplest things that are the hardest to find. 

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  1. Hee hee: "Childhood pony dreams." We have several riders here at the library - with the kick ass boots to prove it. I'm afraid of horses, but I enjoy dressing like they are my friends.

    I understand your lace tee desire. One of my pet peeves is how hard it is to find tanks with high necks to wear under jackets. I have three that I've had since I lived in Madison. Yes, that's more than 16 years. They're definitely showing their age, but as long as the necklines remain intact, they are staying in the wardrobe.