Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Raspberry and Black

I have great affection for this rayon blouse. It's at least twenty years old, chock full of pretty embroidered details and ruffles, purchased from J. Jill when the brand was much better quality, and for years it was my go-to outfit for parties. This and a pair of jeans and boots and I was all set:
Darren, Ben and me at D's 50th birthday.
It seems immortal, perhaps because I only wear it a few times a year. The skirt is a super-flattering Talbot's double-knit pencil skirt.

Here's an over-exposed detail of the sleeve. Pretty.

And I'm wearing my Lia Sophia cross.

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  1. So, is there a party?

    LOVE the skirt. And the indestructible party blouse. I bought a raspberry double-faced wool skirt from Talbots and beige and pink plaid that I love, but they've been languishing in the cedar chest, waiting for a cold snap. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Today I wore my Jambu shoes that are nearly sandals. Sigh.