Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Red and Tan

Here's an appealing outfit that nevertheless contains two items headed for Goodwill. The Talbots button-front shirt was thrifted, and though I love it, it is a little faded and fuzzy in spots (from machine washing, which was one of its virtues). Too bad, a stretchy, patterned shirt in red tones would come in handy once a week. I'll keep an eye out.

Next on the chopping block are the boots, also thrifted from eBay. You can just assume that when I say "thrifted", I mean eBay, as I find thrift stores overwhelming and even a little creepy. These boots are an unknown brand, but a really lovely golden suede with a sturdy rubber sole, but they FALL DOWN and I can't forgive them for that. If I wanted to wear short boots, they would only be 11 inches tall (and I own several pairs). These are 16 inches tall, and should hover right around my bee tattoo.

In this picture they are only crumpled a little, which is fine, but by the time I got to work they were below my calves. I've thought several times about taking them to the shoe guy to put whalebone in them or something, but that would probably cost more than I paid for them.

The real secret to my smile in this picture? I am wearing fantastic underwear. Say no more, Squire!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the red skirt. Too bad about the boots. Would fat knee socks help? Probably not.

    I'll tell my brother-in-law that you like his company's product. :)