Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pink and Brown

One of my favorite color combinations. I wore my pearls, which usually elicits, "Ooh, pretty, are you going somewhere special?" "Yes, to the library!" 

I also wore the leather jacket I bought last year on eBay. I got it very cheaply because the ad said, "PLEASE NOTE, the sleeves have been shortened." As you can see, that means it is perfect for me!

I didn't wear this jacket much last year, because at the time I was carrying a yellow purse, and it it looked horrible against the cream leather. Now I'm carrying a red bag, which looks great.

Even though I feel guilty about the many pairs of boots that I own, I must admit it is fun picking out a pair every morning. Today I wore my brown Bussola ankle boots, which have lots of support and keep my feet and back happy at the end of the day. they're not a common brand. I found them at William's in Evanston, and you can find them online at Peltz Shoes, where everything is on sale. Funny name, great selection.

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