Friday, September 28, 2012

Unforeseen Hiatus

Sorry about that! It was really a packed week at work last week - I was heading in early and coming home beat, so took no pictures. This week I took pictures, but couldn't find time to post them. And maybe, MAYBE, I'm getting a little tired of looking at myself so often.
Just ugh.

 First, I was entertained to find two pairs of boots in Ben's dresser - boots I thought were long gone to Goodwill or Ebay. The red boots above got a final outing, but they are consigned to the Goodwill bag/pile/semi-sentient lifeform. They are just a very dated style. Second, I love that black fuzzy Loft sweater so much, but it looks perfectly square on me. Kimono arms and short sleeves are not a good combination. Also not a good combination, that dress, those boots and bare legs. Seemed like a lot of skin in September.
Forced smile and significant tum.
I love this Anthropologie top equally, but with better results. It goes with everything and is like wearing . . . air. The top is an acid green Loft tee, with an Eileen Fisher knit skirt and Born boots. I'm wearing the necklace I bought at the Bucktown Art Fest.

I feel you, Nora Ephron.
Old favorites were in heavy rotation this week - fashion comfort food.

My J. Jill crochet skirt and denim jacket, with a purple tee underneath and Miz Mooz boots this time. Although I know they are remarkably similar in hue to the Born boots.

I've definitely put on a few pounds since last winter. The corduroy straightlegs which I am wearing today, which were dreamily comfortable last winter, now feel a little UNcomfortable at the waist, and nothing bugs me more than something pinching my middle. I might have gotten a little complacent about all the walking I do, and had a few too many pieces of cake over the summer. And too few salads. You can see why I am wearing the two skirts with the most forgiving waists in my closet.

I shared a piece of Cannoli cake with Blonde Girl yesterday for her birthday. So worth it, sweetie!


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  1. Unfortunately I'm trying to find an outfit to wear to a funeral tomorrow. It has to be comfortable because of a long car ride, but still dressy, but not too dressy. Can I wear boots? Will I be hot? Suede shoes and bare legs okay? No one will notice what I'm wearing anyway, but this gives me something to think about besides how sad I am.

    Excellent necklace and the dress with leggings is very flattering.