Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Grey and Gold

This dress was on the chopping block last night. It has been hanging in my closet for six months and I've never worn it. I went on a small sweater dress binge this year and bought three very cheaply on Ebay with varying success. One served as a good tunic but developed a hole and was retired. The other two suffered from short sleeves. A short-sleeved sweater dress is a conundrum - too warm in the summer, too chilly in the fall - OR SO I THOUGHT.

I fiddled with shoes and jewelry, tried a few sweaters on (I'll spare you the dreadful outtakes) and arrived at this.
I am pushing Riley's dish out of frame with my toe.
It looked pretty good without the shawl too, but the color of the shawl is very close to all the gold necklaces I have on (three), and kept my arms cozy at work. I discovered it, still in its plastic wrap, at the bottom of a box of shawls under my bed. I went through a bit of a shawl phase and received several as gifts, all more or less in the same golden brown. After I saw a photo of myself looking full-on Grandma I stopped wearing them so often.

The dress is a bit of a closet orphan, as I could not come up with another way to wear it last night. I could try it with a long sleeved gray top under it, but I think the jewelry would be the same. It has a cowl neck, so jewelry choices are kind of limited. Pumps didn't look right, as the dress and the person in it are fairly voluminous, although tights might help with that, maybe dark green tights?  

It doesn't matter, because by the end of the day I was completely in love with this dress. So snuggly but not hot! The perfect length! Doesn't ride up! Matches the boots! And I do love gold with gray. I have no waist at all in this dress and somehow I don't care. Puzzling, but a good thing, since I put so much damn thought into it.


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  1. Ah, you've come around to my thinking. I love a stretchy sweater dress, and I've strangely come to love the short-sleeved sweater. But that may be because while I love sweaters, it's always too hot at work.

    I think the dress would look smashing with colored tights, and matching accessories. Yellow and grey is very trendy... You could even pop on a belt.