Friday, October 5, 2012

Too Much is Not Quite Enough

I was overwhelmed this past weekend by the number of boot boxes in my storage unit. This pile did NOT include the four pairs of boots I kept in my closet year-round. Ankle, mid-calf, tall and winter boots abound in my collection.

As I mentioned before, I also discovered two MORE pairs of boots in my son's dresser when I was rummaging around finding him cool weather clothes (to ship to the Isle of Rhodes). There was also a purse there (Goodwill-bound). One pair of those boots really didn't fit; I wore them because they were Italian, dammit. The other boots are older and dated and so beautifully made that it saddened me to recognize their destination.

Hi, my name is Roberta, and I have five pairs of black boots, five pairs of brown boots, three pairs of taupe boots, one pair of red boots, one TWO pairs of gray boots and two pairs of serious winter boots.

But aren't these AWESOME?
Talbot's plaid and leather riding boots.

Spring Step embroidered cowboy boots.

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