Friday, October 12, 2012

The Long and the Short of It

My trousers are a bit high-waisted and long-legged, my sweater set is a bit abbreviated. The cardigan is fine, but I think it is time to retire that tank. The pants are lined, but the tweedy waistband is a little itchy - and a little snug this year. Not a very comfortable outfit despite looking nice. Never mind that it was also apparently photographed in a carnival fun house.

The earth is tilted on its axis!
When I left the house, I put on my brown denim jacket and my (hurriedly tied) skull scarf.

Remember when we were small and were given pictures of fall scenes and told to "find the Indians" hiding in the picture? It was the "Where's Waldo" of its day. Can you find both cats in the scene above?

The jacket sleeves are three quarter length, so I decorated my wrists:

In other news, I have met one of my wardrobe goals, yay! At Macy's, I found a Buffalo by David Bitton olive green, zip front, hooded (removable!) jacket. I wore it on a walk to the grocery store, the tags tucked up into my sleeve, and loved it.  Here it is without the faux fur trimmed hood. My hands slide sideways into the pockets and they are roomy enough for gloves. Its a keeper.


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