Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Third Strike for the Military Jacket

Sigh. I'm just not feeling it, as the kids say. I like the concept, the color, just not the execution. I'm going to put this jacket in the coat closet, and wear it as a light jacket on weekends. Maybe a sage green fitted cardigan would work better?

What I was aiming for is the tough/girly combination look, which I like so well on others. Here's Sally in the best example ever, but I can't love it on me, despite having tried virtually every arrangement seen on Sally. Which I hope is the sincerest form of flattery, and not stalking.  


  1. Sally's is much more fitted? I also tried it. Mine is appropriately fitted, but a bit too long. It's always something. I like it with the blue skirt and boots. Maybe unbuttoned with a statement necklace?

  2. Sally's is more fitted in the armhole, true, no way to fix that, but she also has a narrower frame (shoulders, back, waist) in general. I dunno. I like it on her but not on me.