Friday, May 11, 2012

Shocking Pink and Camel

I'm sure you know that Elsa Schiaparelli coined the phrase "shocking pink." And that she created a endlessly imitated hat with a shoe on it after posing with Salvador Dali's wife, Gala, with a slipper on her head. The Met Ball has honored her this year with an exhibit subtitled Impossible Conversations. I want to go to there.

I probably can't, so yesterday, I wore my shocking pink cashmere sweater instead.

The sweater is from Lord and Taylor, and is getting a bit pilly, but I'm not ready to go on the hunt for its replacement yet. Maybe next year. The skirt is my flirty camel Talbot's skirt.  

The shoes are my exceptionally reliable Eccos, and the lavish necklace is from Kohl's.

These shoes address the question of "Used shoes? From eBay? Really!?" I have had mixed success with used shoes on eBay. I have two pairs of Eccos (taupe, above and black, seen here) that I bought for about $20 each that I wear all the time. Eccos used to be my go to brand, but they are nowhere near as interesting, sturdy and comfortable as they were ten years ago, and I do not buy them any more. 

I've also purchased shoes that worked tolerably well, or once and then never again, or Dear Lord No. I can't honestly say I recommend the practice, but it isn't the "used" part of the transaction that bothers me. I just bought a pair of peach-colored Boden oxfords that I think will be very cute in the summer. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. While you look hot in the cashmere sweater, I'm hot just thinking about it.

    On a tragic note, I have seen moths. Between my wardrobe and my yarn stash, I'm sure I'm providing a tasty, and expensive, buffet. I may cry.