Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Green and Blue, Ole!

The weather has been so grand, sunny and clear, cool enough for a cardigan but warm enough to skip tights. Like living in San Diego.

Tuesday I wore my cloverleaf green Talbot's cardigan, cadet blue Talbot's knit skirt, Ann Taylor Loft scarf, and Born boots. I am constantly on the hunt for a dress in this color green. Talbot's has a couple of sleeveless versions, but then I'd have to wear something over it in the office, which defeats the purpose of wearing that lovely bright green. The Vivienne Files showed a pretty green Dorothy Perkins dress today, but it appears to be a little short for me. A side note, I'm very fond of this particular blog because she mixes high/low pricing consistently, and introduces me to new brands all the time. Dorothy Perkins is British, reasonably priced, like Boden, and has a U. S. site here. It is wonderfully easy to navigate. Not as CUTE as Boden, though.

I experimented with the scarf at my waist:
But I felt a little bit too flamenco:


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