Friday, May 4, 2012

A World of Meh

So, I wore this to the all-staff meeting on Wednesday. Talbot's cardigan and ruffled sleeveless knit tee and velvet pants.

And that is the last you'll see of these black flats, which I loved so much for so many years. *sniff* I had to retire their cream boot cousins last year. They were like a teddy bear whose fuzz has worn off and who has only one eye.

Kenneth Cole Reaction back when that name meant something.
And then I wore this on Thursday (those are Me Too walking flats). Kohl's Apt. 9 dress via eBay, pink linen J. Jill jacket.

It was finally warm enough to try out these new sandals at work (not on the pavement) to see if they would be comfy.

Earthies Sienna!
They were very stable, and they look so cute on! I only wore them for a few hours yesterday, so I'm going to give them a callback audition on the next warm work day. I'm a little concerned that the pale, leather-covered heel will ding up pretty quickly. I didn't pay much for them (6PM, my friends, the show that never ends.)

You can tell that nothing thrilled me this week. Monday night I left my phone at work, and Tuesday it was dead when I got home and I didn't want to wait around in work duds while it recharged, so no pics either night. I can't remember what I wore AT ALL, except that I wore the Born boots both days. Ha!

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