Thursday, January 12, 2012

Olive and Navy

I often wonder how I got dressed in the morning without the help of a color wheel. Google suggests about 406,000 variations on the classic wheel, but this is the one I have taped to my closet, courtesy of AcademicChic (now dormant). The wheel seems to say "Science! You can trust me!", and I pull the appropriate colors from my closet and go forth filled with confidence.

Yesterday morning I rediscovered a favorite olivey-brown (breen!) waterfall sweater in my closet, conveniently hung up with a corresponding tee underneath it. Hmmm, what would be interesting with olive? I tend to pick something in the complementary triad (in this case orange or purple) or one of the neighboring hues (yellow or navy). That sweater's waterfall style requires something fitted on the bottom, and I lack any navy cold-weather skirts of any kind. That's a blog post for another day.

I chose navy boot-cut velveteen pants and gold jewelry. The tee has some embellishment which added some interest. Perched on the island again:

Oddly enough, I think this pose makes my legs look longer. I'm all for that.

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  1. How did you teach Riley to take pictures?

    Love the necklace.